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Our Ceramic Coating Method

There are lots of misconceptions out there when it comes to ceramic coating. One of many is that you just spray or apply the coating to the surface of the vehicle and voila! This is absolutely not the case. Every vehicle we treat with ceramic coating goes through a rigorous process just to get ready for application of the product. Here, we will outline for you the entire process of applying a coating to a vehicle so you know exactly what your getting when you purchase, and why the service costs what it does. 

Car Wash

the Wash Bay:

Arguably the most important step in ceramic application, this is where the surfaces of your vehicle are thoroughly washed and decontaminated. It is crucial to the overall finish and endurance of your coating that dirt and grime, bug splatter, road tar, and iron deposits to name a few are removed from the vehicle surface. Left over contaminates will prevent the ceramic from bonding completely to the vehicle surface therefore limiting the performance. Moreover, any harmful contaminates will continue to affect the paint underneath of the coating once applied and will be unsightly when the coating process is complete.


Paint Correction:

Easily the most time consuming step of the application procedure, this is the process of removing paint defects such as swirls, scratches, and marring. We work rigorously to remove every defect in the factory finish before applying ceramic. This is due to the magnification effect that ceramic has, a little scratch can become a bigger one under the lens of ceramic once applied to the vehicle. With a multi-step correction, and other methods such as wet-sanding to remove deeper scratches this step will take between 5-15 hours. Once finished, we will move the vehicle outside in the sun for a 360 inspection of our work to make sure the paint is flawless before application.


Secondary Wash:

After the paint correction process we will perform a contactless foam wash to remove dust and spent compound from the vehicle surfaces. Drying the vehicle by compressed and forced air to ensure no damage to our finished correction work.


Panel Prep:

Following the secondary wash is the last step before application. Every panel is wiped down with an alcohol based solution to remove leftover polishes and oils to ensure a nice clean surface for the ceramic to bond with.



Finally, we apply the ceramic coating by dividing each panel into 6 parts with the exclusion of smaller panels such as mirror caps. This makes it easier to notice high spots during application and results in a better finish. We apply the coating using a pearl woven microfiber applicator and employing an overlapping cross-hatch method to ensure total product coverage of panel sections. When the application is finished, the vehicle will need to stay in our shop overnight to allow the product to cure in a controlled environment. Times may vary, but it will typically take 12-24 hours to achieve an 85cure rate. The additional 15will take a week on average.

Our application procedure is tedious and time consuming, but for good reason. We take pride in our work and won't settle for anything less than perfection. So if you are thinking about getting a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle, rest assured that we get the job done right. The price of our service is a direct reflection of our work. If you "know a guy that will do it for half the price", you more than likely won't get the results you are looking for. All of our coatings come with a minimum 3 year warranty and are registered to your vehicle's Carfax report. We also have different options for payment including cash, check, debit and all major credit cards. We also accept AfterPay so you can break your service up into interest free payments!

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