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how often should i detail my car?

detailing you car on a regular basis is vital to maintaining it's appearance and value. our clients achieve this with our recommended service interval of 6 months or seasonally.

how long will you need my car?

service times will vary depending on a number of factors. mainly, your elected service, and the condition of your vehicle. on average, our detail services take about 6 hours. however, a ceramic coating service could take 24-72 hours.

will my service cost more than the advertised price?

this is dependent on the condition of your vehicle. you may incur additional charges from pet hair removal or a heavily soiled interior as extra time is needed. furthermore, if you elect for service add-ons such as a headlight restoration or scratch removal. however, we will go over your vehicle with you upon arrival to notate these things so there are no surprises, we will never perform a service add-on without your approval.

what if i need to cancel my appointment?

we make this as easy as possible. through square assistant, you can cancel, reschedule, change service, and communicate with us right from your phone. you can also call if that is what you prefer. if you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled service time or you will be charged within the terms of our cancellation policy.

what does it mean to have my ceramic coating registered with carfax?

all of our ceramic coating services include this feature. upon completion of your service, we submit your vehicle identification number to our contact with carfax. within 7-10 business days, your carfax report will show that your vehicle has been ceramic coated. this adds additional value to your vehicle when you go to trade in or sell, also assuring the buyer that your car is most likely in better condition and well maintained.

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