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what is ceramic coating?

ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution. using nano technology, it bonds with your vehicle's paint, glass, wheels, and plastics to create a hydrophobic layer of protection. As it bonds with the vehicle's surfaces it creates a hard contaminant resistant layer. this is to protect your car from harmful elements such as uv rays, bird droppings, iron deposit bedding, and acid rain to name a few of the many things mother nature produces to damage your cars factory finish.

benefits of ceramic coating

protection from uv rays

ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from oxidation, which would cause the paint to fade and become dull. imperative if you keep your car outside, especially in the summer months.

protection from acidic elements

when it comes to your car, nature is pretty much out to get you. bird droppings, acid rain, and even bug guts for example, are naturally acidic. this means that if left on your car without protection they will bond with and etch into the paint of your vehicle damaging the factory finish which can be costly to fix.

ease of maintenance

due to the hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating, water-based road grime and dirt will fall right off of the paint after a quick wash or rinse with the hose or pressure washer. taking all the hard work out of washing your car in the driveway for all the diy'ers who love to get the wash mitt out on sunday. furthermore, you can leave the wax on the shelf, you won't be needing it for years.

superior shine

the part everyone loves. ceramic coating ads depth and vibrance bringing out the best in the factory finish for a long lasting, unrivaled shine.

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