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Borophene Ultimate
The New Leader in Ceramic Coating

9H, and graphene coatings can "exit stage left". We are proud to introduce Borophene Ultimate. Constructed from pure boron and carbon, this powerful formula yields a Permanent Protection to automotive clear coat. This coating is only available through Shakedown Auto Recon as we are a certified installer with NanoPro Permanent Surface Solutions.

We are already getting calls from vehicle owners requesting Borophene installations on their vehicles, so don't be left out! Aside from it's intended purpose of permanent clear coat protection, this revolutionary coating boasts a list of other features including a 30% higher gloss index as compared to other traditional ceramic coatings! Additionally, Borophene Ultimate maintains a heat resistance up to 3000 degrees celsius!

In addition to all the amazing features this coating brings to the table, here a few more reasons to get on the new trend in it's early stages. Borophene Ultimate, like our other coatings gets registered with your vehicle's Carfax Report. Simply put, it will actually add to the overall value of your vehicle regardless if you keep it, trade it in at a dealer, or sell privately. Since it is permanent, it will transfer to the next owner. No different than the idea that remodeling your kitchen can increase the overall value of your home!

Lastly, the ease of maintenance is a no brainer. This is a one time purchase that will remind you over and over again why you bought it. To understand why, let us first explain this. No different than our other coatings, before we apply the product we first have to remove every single defect from the clear coat for the perfect finish. This is accomplished with many different paint correction methods and techniques and could take upwards of 15 to 20 hours, but we won't bore you with the details. The only thing important to you is that your vehicle will never need another buffing service, it will never need another coat of wax or sealant, EVER. And if you are the type that enjoys getting out the wash mitt and the wax on the weekends, don't worry we've got you covered. Upon request with your purchase of Borophene Ultimate will put together a special care package for your vehicle including 1L of our ph neutral gentle snow foam soap, and our NanoMagic soap, as well as some other goodies to keep your coating healthy and your vehicle looking its absolute best!​

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